Reformed educator Carl Heinz grew up on the great Mojave where he cultivated a love of high-desert culture, abandoned mines, lost machines, muffler men, and native American traditions. On a visit to the Antelope Valley Indian Museum when he was nine years old, Carl was hooked by the Hopi kachinas. He went on to study art and design and somewhere along his path, stumbled upon a brave new idea to incorporate all those things he loves. Carl calls his pieces "junkinas" as they combine his delight in combing through junkyards with his own unique take on traditional kachinas. Rich in texture, clever as the coyote, aromatic as a junkyard, these creations suggest our basest desires, our wildest dreams, our inner and outer souls. Some are currently on display, some are in private collections, and more are yet to come.

Multi-talented musician and artist Lynn Heinz finds equal pleasure in a ukelele chord and a straight flush, in a pesto primavera and a well-inked letterpress. Her fingerprints are on file.

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